Ehime Iyokan Cold Brew Tea - Iyokan Mandarin, Mint, Lemon Grass, & Butterfly Pea Flower

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This herb tea’s beautiful sky blue is uniquely eye-catching, and surprisingly, the color comes from all-natural ingredients.

imported from Japan. Includes 5 extra large tea sachets, ready to steep. This tea is intended for cold brewing so the bags yield larger volumes than your traditional tea bag serving size -- To steep a large iced tea pitcher, use 1-2 tea bags.

The tea is also exceptionally refreshing, due to the superb blend of quality herbs and Iyokan, a citrus in the Mandarin orange family, known to be juicy and well-balanced in sweetness and sourness.

“Iyo" is the former name of Ehime Prefecture and “kan” means citrus, so unsurprisingly, iyokan is a specialty of the region.

Family-owned herb specialty company, Ehime Herb, crafts this special herb tea. They dry iyokan slowly at low temperatures in order to intensify the sweetness and retain color. Additionally, they use quality herbs, including those grown in-house.