Ehime Mikan Tea - Mikan, Lemon Myrtle, & Lemon Verbena

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Mikan (Unshu Mandarin orange) is exceptionally juicy, sweet, and refreshing, and because of this, it’s the most popular citrus fruit in Japan. Featuring this beloved citrus and nutritious lemon myrtle, Ehime Mikan Herbal Tea is especially uplifting.

Ehime-based and family-owned herb specialty company, Ehime Herb, crafts this special tea. They dry locally grown mikan slowly at low temperatures in order to intensify the sweetness and retain color. Additionally, they use quality herbs, including those grown in-house. Then they pack the blended tea by hand, which allows the use of larger pieces, thereby maximizing the character of each ingredient.

imported from Japan.

includes tea sachets, ready to steep.