Hatomugicha Tea Sachets


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A soothing herbal tea crafted from lightly roasted job's tears. Quiet yet arrestingly nuanced, our producer's careful roasting method offers a clean body and refreshing finish. Our producer crushes the grains slightly after roast to ensure a fully extracted brew. Contains no caffeine.

Notes:  Rice Paper, Kumquat Peel

Tekuno tea sachets are fully compostable, from the outer tea filter fabric to the interior box packaging. Sachets arrive packaged in our paper boxes—with design inspired by metabolic architecture and Japanese marumado—and may be recycled or repurposed for future use. Our tea sachets are produced in the United States and assembled in California. 

  • Producer - Hotei Tea Farm
  • Region - Toyama
  • Cultivar - Job's Tears
  • Harvest - October 2021
  • Quantity - 12 sachets