Korko Big Block Set - 40 Piece

Uniche Collective

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Korko building blocks are made from cork, one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. It's 100% natural and sustainable.

Furthermore, it is entirely renewable, biocompatible, and recyclable. It's even carbon negative. LOW-NOISE: Korko is naturally lightweight and soft. So, say goodbye to the sound of crashing blocks.

SAFE: As well as being soft and lightweight, Korko blocks have rounded edges. So, no need to worry about your kids hurting themselves or your home as they play.

ANTI-STATIC: It decreases dust and pollutants on the surface, which is significant for allergy sufferers.

DURABLE: Corck is naturally durable. So, our blocks are perfect for hours and hours of play.

WATER RESISTANT: Cork naturally floats on water and can withstand some contact with it. So you don't need to worry if it gets accidentally dropped in the bathtub.

ANTIMICROBIAL: Germ-free! We are proud to be using such a material in a time of Covid. We could all use less spreading of germs!