Kukicha Tea Sachets


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A green tea made from tea leaf stems from our producer's family-owned garden. Tenderly sweet at different temperatures and low in caffeine, we prefer to brew it in a large pot and sip throughout the day.

Notes: Candied Cucumber, Edamame

Tekuno tea sachets are fully compostable, from the outer tea filter fabric to the interior box packaging. Sachets arrive packaged in our paper boxes—with design inspired by metabolic architecture and Japanese marumado—and may be recycled or repurposed for future use. Our tea sachets are produced in the United States and assembled in California.

  • Producer - Moriuchi
  • Region - Shizuoka
  • Cultivar - Various
  • Harvest - May 2022
  • Quantity - 12 sachets

ABOUT THE PRODUCER: Moriuchi-san is a 9th generation tea farmer that grows, picks, and steams her teas entirely in-house, a rarity in today’s increasingly commoditized tea industry. Her family has been producing tea since the Edo Period (1603-1868) and today is run by her and her husband, with seasonal harvest help by her obaa-chan (an affectionate term for grandmothers). She takes pride in her self-mixed fertilizers, which are primarily composed of organic rapeseed and fish meal. She attributes this fertilization to the refreshing quality of her teas. She has won numerous awards, including 2nd place at the National Tea Fair for 8 consecutive years in the “4kg” category.