Lune Space Mist

Vessel Scent (FKA Happy Society)

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Scent: French Lavender Flower. Clary Sage. Indian Vetiver Root. Himalayan Cedarwood.

Intention: Calming, soothing, stress relief. Enter the realm of tranquility with Lune, perfect for sleep and winding down.

This soothing blend brings a calmness to both self and the space that surrounds you. During times of anxiety and stress, Lune serves as a valuable tool to anchor yourself, helping you find solace and take deep slow breaths to allow calm to wash over you.

Space Mist: Our space mists serve as tools for purifying and refreshing your surroundings, objects, and personal energy field.

Crafted with care, our natural mists are free from harmful fragrances and use a preservative derived from radish root to ensure a prolonged and stable shelf life.