Blind Owl Wilson - LP


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Here we have an LP of Blind Owl’s songs from Canned Heat’s records –left to sit alone and take you somewhere unexpected. Blind Owl’s personal vision quest can be heard throughout these songs. “Poor Moon’ tells the tale of Alan’s heartbreak as he watches the moon being misguidedly bombed by man, ‘My time ain’t long’ confronts death, “Parthenogen in 3 Blind Owls’ and ‘Parthenogen childs end’ take you to the psychedelic limits, and oh yes, we have the hit tunes on here too. Co-release from Mississippi and Sutro Park records. A true psychedelic masterpiece!

Black vinyl LP in black and white jacket with miniature two color booklet. Limited second pressing.

This is one of Ryan's (LS co-owner) favorite collections of music ever released! Highly recommended!