Washi Paper Incense Strips - #3 Deep Citrus

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Invigorate your space with the aroma of Deep Citrus, a zesty blend of bergamot, vanilla, tea tree, musk amber, and clove From the pioneers of fragrance behind our bestselling HA KO collection comes Washi Paper Incense Strips, a new type of incense combining friendly missives with rich aromas.  On each individual strip are printed words of encouragement, with notes such as "Cheer Up!" or "Take a Break" providing messages of warmth and solidarity as they fill a space with fragrance. Slip one into a gift or card as an aromatic affirmation, or enjoy this incense at home as a way to brighten your day. 

Each box contains 30 strips of incense steeped in a blend of natural aromas carefully combined to create a specific scent, along with a metal clip to hold the incense as it burns.

How to use: 

Attach the included metal clip to the bottom of a strip of incense, then light the free end of the incense. Blow out the flame, leaving the paper strip to smolder, then set the incense down on a flat, non-flammable surface, using the open ends of the clip as a stand.

Each strip burns for approximately 5 minutes.

Materials: Washi paper, fragrance

Dimensions -- Box: 4" L x 1.7" W, Strip: 3.15" L x 0.3" W