10-Piece Textured Ocean Rocks Organic Beeswax Crayons

Smilogy Kids Ltd

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A set of 10 Ocean Rock Crayons with textured edges and the exact feel of rocks, albeit soft enough for little hands.

Made with 75% of organic golden beeswax, a sprinkle of carnauba wax and gorgeous earth & mineral pigments.

Big crayons in fun rock shapes, difficult to break, made in warm and bright colors that will delight the child. An interesting choice of 10 child safety certified, non-toxic & lightfast colours.

Wipe gently when required with a damp cloth for a long-lasting sturdy set of crayons.

Age - toddlers and big kids.

 Colors- Terra red, rustic orange, golden yellow, earth green, ultramarine blue, dusky violet, earth pink, umber brown and midnight black.

Measurements- will fill and fit snuggly in a toddler's hand.

Weight- 16 g/ocean rock (varies slightly rock to rock)