Organic Drinking Chocolate - Original

Prana Chai

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Nib + Noble organic and fair trade ingredients, blending raw cacao powder with unrefined coconut sugar for the perfect balance of flavor. For those who desire a rich and satisfying drink and only want the finest, this original blend offers a classic hot chocolate experience. Perfectly used as a substitute for cacao/cocoa in recipes, making a chocolate sauce or using in smoothies and baking. 

SERVING HOT: Add 3-4 heaped teaspoons to a cup (200ml) of warmed milk (or milk substitute) and mix well until dissolved.

SERVING COLD: Dissolve 3-4 heaped teaspoons with a small amount of boiled water to form a paste, add a cup (200ml) of warmed milk (or milk substitute) and stir well until Combined. Pop in a few ice cubes for a perfectly chilled treat.


250g Aluminum Tin

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Sugar*, Raw Cacao Powder* (46%), Australian Salt. *Certified Organic