Wood + Natural Fiber Body Brush

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A full-body brush for gentle yet effective exfoliation, increased circulation and lymphatic drainage. The act of dry brushing should be calming and almost meditative, helping you to ground yourself.

Made from 100% Oak and premium Sisal Fibers and is Medium/ Hard in firmness.

Measures: 4.75"x 2.875"

How To Use: Start at the feet and move upwards, gently brushing the skin with light/ medium pressure towards the heart. You can shower or bathe or follow up directly with lotion or a body oil. If using wet, use the same upward motions, adding soap to help the brush glide over skin. Rinse and dry well between uses, hanging with bristles pointing downwards.

Free from palm oils, synthetic fragrances, detergents, artificial colorants, parabens, sulfates, and animal products.