Magnetic Dollhouse - Natural, Large


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A large dollhouse for little friends, but at the same time very cozy and small for every Parisian, London, New York, Tokyo apartment in which any space is highly valued and where childhood lives.

The ultimate childhood story about a house for everything important in childhood.

A house for favorite characters, things, even finds.

A house where miracles, love and the whole world live.

A dollhouse on magnets that can be unfolded and assembled whenever you want -- Put in a bag and take on the go!

The same house that you want to keep as a memory of this incredible time of your parenthood and another childhood.

Details: 9 building flats.

Material: birch plywood

Euro standart based on the FSC wood, metal magnets.

Coating on the color dollhouses: non-toxic water-based paint.

Age 3+