Magnetic Dollhouse - Terra, Medium


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A cozy house for two little friends in which it is so nice to hide the most secret things, or a house that can be placed on any shelf.

The ultimate childhood story about a house for everything important in childhood.

A house for favorite characters, things, even finds.

A house where miracles, love and the whole world live.

A dollhouse on magnets that can be unfolded and assembled whenever you want - Feel free to move it to another room and even take it on a trip or a walk. Put in the bag and take anywhere :) 

The same house that you want to keep as a memory of this incredible time of your parenthood and another childhood.

Material: birch plywood

Euro 1 standart based on the FSC wood, metal magnets.

Coating on the color dollhouses: non-toxic water-based paint

Age: 3+