Fermenstation Facial Soap

Morihata International Ltd. Co.

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A blend of plant-based ingredients - including sunflower, camellia, coconut and jojoba oils - add their potent moisturizing powers to this soap.

The Fermenstation Facial Soap line brings to bear the holistic power of fermentation through three distinct varieties: Natural, Rich and Premium.

Each soap is made with organic rice lees born of a natural, yeast-based fermentation process that yields high levels of skin-supporting nutrients, such as vitamin E, arbutin and ferulic acid and a variety of healthful amino acids. The result is an all-natural soap loaded with easily absorbed nourishment and hydrating oils that tighten and lighten skin by reducing blemishes, soothing inflammation and delivering moisture where it's needed most.

Fermenstation soaps are also petroleum-free and unscented, save for the sweet and subtle aroma of rice.

Use: Can be used for the face or body.

Each bar lasts 2-3 months when used for facial cleansing only, or about 1 month when used for washing the entire body.

Made in Japan.