Heal Shampoo Bar


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Restores vibrancy to the hair and scalp with ingredients that rebuild broken strands, promote cellular regeneration, and ionically bond to the hair cuticles to prevent future damage. Strengthens and shields hair and scalp at the keratin level from everyday irritants and chemical treatments.

Travel / Trial Size.

Designed for: For color treated or damaged hair and scalp

Frequency of usage: Daily or every wash Hero Ingredient: Hydrolyzed Pea Protein + Rose of Jericho repairs breakage and binds to the hair cuticle, offering long-term protection against chemical, heat, or environmental damage.

Formulated with: * Spirulina to repair and strengthen * Cherry Acerola for healthy hair growth * Reishi Mushroom for vibrancy

Notes of calming floral and subtly sweet berry: * Juniper Berry * Ylang Ylang * Lavender