Hilma Af Klint Palette

Beam Paints

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Inspired by the mystic precognition of Hilma Af Klint.

Saturated pigment and our homemade binder.

Vivid colour rewets beautifully, lightfast. Wrapped in a waxed cloth for traveling.

Set of 6 paint stones made from tree sap and natural earth pigments. 

Packaged in a handmade beeswaxed wrapper, with paper label with pigment info.

Wiigwaasmin’aande-Cherry Magenta PR122 Kosmaan-Pumpkin PR170, PY74 Ginii’aande Wild Rose PR122, PW6 Zhaaw’bmide-Butter PY74, PW6 Waaskonense-Violet PB15.1PV23 Graphite -Earth Pigment