Hunky Dory Decaf, Whole Bean Coffee

Sightglass Coffee Roasters

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A faithful friend with something for everyone to love (minus the jitters from the caffeine).

Not finicky about any particular brew method, the extraordinary qualities of this Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee shine through in every cup. We carefully adjust the blend as the seasons change to maintain the balance that has made this decaf a favorite go-to in our lineup.

12oz Whole Bean Bag.

CCOF Certified Organic.

TASTING NOTES - Balanced + versatile, rich toffee sweetness and hints of red grape meet floral undertones of bergamot.

ROAST PROFILE - Medium to Dark

RECOMMENDED BREW METHODS - Espresso | French Press | Aeropress | V60 | Chemex | Kalita Wave | Cold Brew