Hydrate Shampoo Bar


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Full body without the frizz. Gently cleanses and boosts shine with a generous dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Formulated to restore moisture to your hair without weighing it down and nourish your scalp’s lipid moisture barrier.

Travel / Trial Size.

Designed for: Healthy to parched hair and scalp

Frequency of usage: Daily or every wash

Hero Ingredient: Hydrolyzed rice protein provides a protective layer to the hair shaft that promotes shine, prevents static and tangles, and seals in moisture.

Formulated with: * Rosehip for protective antioxidants * Pomegranate to boost moisture and scalp health * Banana to reduce frizz

Notes of uplifting citrus and crisp green grass: * Bergamot * Rosemary * Lemongrass