The Tender Loving Care Kit - 24K Gold Ear Seeds


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The Tender Loving Care Kit is designed to support the endocrine and adrenal systems of the body. Included instructions and ear point charts allow you to apply seeds to specific protocols addressing hormone regulation, energy, and libido, as well as beauty - skin, nail, and hair health.

Ear seeding is a powerful, yet gentle form of auriculotherapy based on traditional Chinese medicine's ancient principles. When placed on acupressure points of the ears, these 24k gold-plated ion seeds stimulate the reflex centers of the brain to soothe a multitude of symptoms. Enjoy the subtle shimmer of these tiny accessories along with the experience of increased balance of the body and mind.

INCLUDED: 20pc. 24k Gold Ear Seeds | 4 Ear Maps and Instructions | Ear Seed Spoon

WARNINGS: Keep out of reach of children.